Choosing Interior Paint Colors Can Be Intimidating

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Choosing interior paint colors is sometimes easier said than done. One color may look desirable in a sample and then look completely different once it is on your wall. Premiere Painting understands that this aspect can be difficult and that is why we offer a FREE color consultation with all of our painting services.

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Choosing interior and exterior paint colors can be discouraging and sometimes difficult. That is why Premiere Painting offers our full experience and know-how. Our experts will come into your home and help you make the best decision. We'll help you factor in the elements like natural light, artificial light, and shadowing, so that you are completely satisfied with your color choice.

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The team at Premiere Painting is accustomed to working in your occupied home. Before your interior painting project begins, we'll send you a "what to expect letter". This will make sure that our team and your family members are all on the same page and are aware of special considerations like pets, alarm systems, and which bathrooms to use.

Premiere Painting can remove the intimidation from choosing interior paint colors.
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Consider Faux Painting to Add Depth to Your Space

Faux painting is a technique that can add depth and texture to any room in your home. There are many different processes like Venetian plaster, sponge painting, ragging, and crackle painting that can give dimension to an otherwise ordinary room.