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Premiere Painting provides commercial and industrial painting services for Washington DC and surrounding communities. Premiere Painting is a respected member of the business community that has proven itself to be a quality provider of painting services throughout the metropolitan area. Premiere Painting is a fully licensed and bonded company and a certified member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). Some of our clients in the metropolitan area include some of the most prestigious property management companies in the area, and fully satisfied owners of office buildings, apartment complexes, and industrial plant facilities. Premiere Painting provides full service interior and exterior painting services for business and residential clients.

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As experts in exterior and interior painting services for business we will sit down with your company and discuss the overall project and work with your schedule for the work. Premiere Painting offers flexible payment options for commercial and industrial clients for our services and materials. Some of the commercial and industrial painting services available from Premiere Painting include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Exterior Projects
    • Full service painting services, licensed and bonded contractors
    • Multiple options for long lasting paints
    • Electrostatic painting for metallic surfaces on building exteriors
    • Provide scaffolding and other equipment necessary to reach all of the building exteriors
    • Partnered with other companies to provide you subcontractors for tuck pointing and exterior repairs
    • Maintenance contracts allow facilities managers to budget services and touch up work over the year

  • Commercial & Industrial Interior Projects
    • Full service interior services for painting, licensed and bonded contracting company
    • Multiple options for paints, long lasting interior paints, flat and glossy paints
    • Electrostatic painting for metallic surfaces including bathroom stalls, metal doors, elevator doors, stairwells, heat registers/radiators
    • Installation of commercial wallcoverings or wallpapering as requested
    • Installation of commercial floor coverings and treatments including Polomyx
    • Maintenance contracting with Premiere Painting allows building managers to budget services throughout the year, for maintenance or new work

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With Premiere Painting you know that you are working with a company that is dependable, fully licensed and bonded, and a member in good standing with local business organizations. Premiere Painting offers a wide variety of services and options for commercial and industrial painting projects, whether you need multiple buildings painted, or you just need a maintenance contractor for interior work, be sure to work with a dependable company that can work with your operations budget and schedule.

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